Highest Paying Jobs in Australia without Degree

In today’s world, it feels like everyone is telling you that you need to go to university and get a degree in order to make sure that you earn a decent income. Many people in high school, are bombarded with this way of thinking which leads them to pursue further education that they don’t really want to do.

With university fees growing combined with no guarantee of a full-time position once you leave, many people are starting to think is it all worth it? Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to have a degree or attend university to get a high-paying job.

The trade industry is facing a shortage of skilled individuals which is causing these jobs to have a larger salary than what they once had. While you don’t need a degree to get a high-paying job, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard and have the proper skills to get the role that you want. While you may need a level of training, you can still access some of the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree.

Best Paying Jobs in Australia without Degree

Here are some great ideas below to inspire you:

  • Construction  worker:
Construction  worker Jobs in Australia

This role can be learned quickly but requires one to be physically fit and have good hand-eye coordination as you will be working on a construction site.  You don’t necessarily need a degree but previous work experience and self-motivation will be of an advantage. You should enjoy physical fieldwork and be able to work in teams.

  • Sales:
Salesman jobs in Australia

Whether it’s physical or digital products, insurance, cars, real estate – having the ability to generate sales is one of the well-paid skills someone can have.  You can learn most of it on the job, but you’ll need to study to get your real estate license, for example.  Selling isn’t for everyone (definitely not for me!), but if you’re talented, there’s almost no limit on what you can earn.

  • IT or Web-Based Work:

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Depending on the specific work, many people in this space are often self-taught (like designers and programmers) and manage to rustle up web-based work after building up a reputation, connections, or climbing the ladder at work while studying in their spare time.  The annual salary is often $60,000+.

  • Massage Therapist:
Massage Therapist jobs in Australia

Learn how to treat and relieve pain, muscular aches, and certain injuries with massage therapy.  A Cert IV is required to become fully qualified.  Not only that, but this skill will ensure your spouse never leaves you!  Earn $80,000 per year and above.

  • Support Worker:

With the aging population, this is a growing industry.  Provide practical everyday help to vulnerable people in the community, helping them with daily tasks, medication, and personal care.  Technically, no qualifications are needed, but Cert III in Individual Support is desired.  The average hourly rate is around $30 to $40. 

  • Interior Decorator:

If you have a flair for design, you might enjoy being an interior decorator.  Help people and companies choose color schemes, layout, and lighting for their homes and businesses.  Employers prefer qualifications, but it’s possible to work as an interior decorator without them.  Once you’ve proven yourself, salaries are often at least $70,000 per year. 

  • Ethical Hacker:

It’s not surprising that Ethical Hacker is on the list of the highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree, given the importance of Cybersecurity. Also known as “white hat hackers”, the job involves hacking software developed by a company to ensure there are no security flaws. 

To become an Ethical Hacker, you must pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam and have a minimum of two years of information security-related work experience. A great starting point, if you want to develop your skills, is the Open Colleges’ partnership Certified Cybersecurity Professional course.  

  • Fitness Manager:
personal trainer training man with heavy kettle bell

If you think a career in fitness is the right choice for you, consider working as a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer. You may also want to complement your work experience with a fitness-related course, to help climb the ladder and become a Fitness Manager.

As a Fitness Manager, you would be responsible for coordinating the operations of the health club where you work to ensure the center operates correctly. This can include everything from hiring trainers to scheduling fitness programs and ensuring the safety of the club.

  • Real Estate Agent:

Selling and renting property can be a difficult job. But done correctly, it can be very rewarding and lead to a very satisfying annual income. To get there, you will need to enjoy networking with people, be an excellent salesperson, and a hard worker.

If you want to become a Real Estate Agent, you may start as an agent’s representative and learn from the best to work your way up.


Many people would agree that a good-paying job is only obtainable if you have an education degree. Don’t get me wrong, having an education degree does make it a lot easier to get the job, however actually needing one is not always the case for some occupations.

As you can see, there’s a diverse range of possibilities out there when it comes to high-paying unskilled jobs in Australia. Find the area that best fits you and start building your successful career now.