Best Job Sites in Canada for Foreigners

Best Job Sites in Canada

Are you aware most foreign employers are getting high-paying jobs through the use of the Internet? There are thousands of various platforms for foreigners residing in Canada on the internet such as social media channels, job boards, networking groups, aggregators, and many other job sites. As a result of these various sites, it is easier for foreigners to secure a job in Canada.                  

Canada is a country with a lot of diverse opportunities and it is for this reason foreigners are migrating from their country of residence to live there. Yes, they have a decent immigration policy for foreigners, but obtaining a job as a foreigner is challenging. The purpose of the article is to give your various job sites in Canada where you can find potential employers.

Are Canadian Employers Searching for Foreigner Skilled Workers?

The truth is most of the workforce you have in Canada comprises foreign immigrants. In Canada, more skilled foreigners are needed, because the aged ones are retiring, and it is the major reason that is contributing to Canadian employers going the extra mile for foreign employees to fill in some job positions where there are no Canadian citizens to occupy these positions.

However, Canadian economic growth is on the increase every year, and it has cut down the rate of unemployment in the country. According to statistics, Canada happens to be the 10th nominal Gross Domestic Product country due to its service industry employing a large percentage of its population.

Besides, the country is one of the leading countries when it comes to the entertainment software industry. A foreigner with tech skills stands a better opportunity to secure a job. In the last quarter of 201, there were over 400,000 job positions as a result of no skilled workers filling these vacant positions, and it is the highest record of job vacancies in the history of Canada.

Best Job Sites in Canada for Foreigners

The following are the various sites foreigners can use to secure a job in Canada, and here they are:

  1. job site

It is an official site owned by the Canadian government with various insurance employments. The good thing about this job site is the fact it helps one to know the detailed process of getting a passport and also becoming a citizen in Canada. Some foreigners have made use of to secure their dream jobs.

Indeed Canada job site

Indeed Canada has various job positions or vacancies for foreigners residing in Canada or outside the shore of Canada to choose one that will fit their qualifications. Besides, every week the job site is filled with new job ads. Most Canadian employers make use of the site to advertise and skillful positions in search of foreign employees.

2. Glassdoor:

Glassdoor job site

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It is an international job reviews job review site leading to millions of employees seeking jobs. Glassdoor is one of the best platforms to also post job adverts for employers. If you have a good portfolio you can respond to reviews, and share important information about your qualifications and job experience to get the attention of an employer.

Monster Canada job site

Monster Canada has attracted millions of foreign employers from various parts of the world. One of the things that have made them quite exceptional is the highly impressive resume database they have on their website. For employees who have a resume or portfolio, when there are any job vacancies it will help to match the employees’ resume to the right one that will suit them. job site

Here, is another platform that helps Canadian employers to get in touch with foreign talents. Another benefit of using the job site is the fact it helps people with no job experience to get a pair internship to build their resumes. Some of these internships cut across various forms such as public services, finance, business, human relations, and many others.   


Internet is still one of the best means of obtaining jobs in Canada as foreigners because there are various options to find one that will suit your skills, level of experience, and academic qualifications. You need to ensure you have a prepared curriculum vitae or resumes to submit if there is a need for it.